Make + Wonder


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Every month we create a new Art Club box featuring an inspiring female role model. Make + Wonder Art club is an inspiration for making and tinkering, and we hope it will inspire your children to be curious and confident.

The Art Club box is for children aged 3 to 10 years old, based on educational theories that promote confidence and curiosity. Beautifully designed with clear ideas and quality materials. Children benefit from exploring process art ideas that are not only fun but educational. Each box features an inspiring creative female, four awesome creative idea cards, an illustrated story and curated art materials.

What’s Inside?

  • A5 Cards are printed on 350 gsm environmentally and responsibly sourced card that can be kept and reused

  • Four beautifully designed cards with clear ideas for open-ended art ideas that promote curiosity

  • Beautifully illustrated story of a female artist that focuses on the artists life and journey

  • Tips for parents on how to support their child to explore

  • All the curated high quality resources you need to inspire your children to explore and create

  • Ideas to recycle the box and reuse household items and nature.

  • The packaging is recyclable including the paper tape.

  • The Box come in two different sizes. The single box contains enough art material for one child. The sibling box contains enough art material for two children and they share the activity cards.


Three ways to buy a Make + Wonder box

Buy individual boxes from our shop. Past boxes have featured Yayoi Kusama, Bridget Riley, Anni Albers and Frida Kahlo.

Get a the latest box delivered to your door each month. Sign up for a monthly recurring subscription from £10.50 per month.

Boxes are sent out on the 5th each month. Subscribe before 30/4/19 and your subscription will start with Box 8 featuring Lauren Child on the 6/5/19.

Give someone a gift subscription. Choose, from 1, 3, or a 6 month subscription. Choose gift at the checkout and the subscription will not renew automatically. Add a gift card with your own message.


Six good reasons why the Art club box is great for your child

1. Curiosity

Being curious fuels your imagination and is central to learning new things. If you are curious you are motivated to learn. Process art activities encourage children to explore and tinker which promotes curiosity. Activities are designed to appeal to children with different learning styles and schemas, so everyone will want to explore. We carefully select unusual and unique curated art materials to spark your children’s imagination and encourage a frenzy of exploration.

2. Growth Mindset

Children with a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset are more likely to persevere and try new things. The activities encourage children to celebrate mistakes and persevere. The stories of inspirational role models share the story of their journey and efforts, the mistakes made and learning that led to them where they are now. This helps children to understand that intelligence isn’t fixed.

3. Mindfulness

Process art activities help children to relax and be in the moment ( mindful) When children are deeply engaged in activities it supports to focus on the playing and exploring, so their breathing naturally relaxes.

4. Confidence

When children are given open-ended resources in an invitation to play, it supports their confidence. They become more involved in the exploring process as they set their own goals, solve problems and celebrate mistakes. The prompts in our activity cards support adult to gently guide children.

5. Literacy

Our activity cards, come with questions to extend children’s talk Ideas for thoughtful questions to encourage children to talk about their process and how they solve problems.

6. Learning through play

The art ideas encourage children to play with carefully selected resources that naturally teach children about all areas of the curriculum. Open-ended play promotes problem-solving skills. Children learn mathematical language and solve number problems. Learn about the natural world, properties of materials and changes that happen. Art techniques, exploring colour and mixing media. Learn the stories of inspirational artists and much more.