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Potion Kits


My childen have these potion making kits filled with old hotel shampoos, droppers old herbs and anything they can use to make potions- We often add fresh herbs and flowers from the garden. Sometimes they just enjoy the sensory experience of mixing and other times it becomes part of a game, and they write labels, recipes or menus for their concoctions.

Our potion kits are kept in plastic tubs with lids to avoid any spills. I try to use out of date things from the kitchen and replace things as they become too soggy. This is what we have this year:

Utensils & mixing tools - spoons, mini whisks, forks, pipette, measuring spoons, colander, tea strainer, mini sieve, bowls, measuring cups, mortar & pestle, little bottles of shampoo, Soya sauce bottles, little jam jars. cup cake cases

Things to mix :

Fresh herbs & flowers - We often use Basil, Parsley, rosemary, Rocket, Mint, Lemon Balm, Eucalyptus, daisies & Buttercups

Out of date dried herbs : We have used Mint, Cinnamon sticks, parsley, cumin, herbal tea bags

Other liquids: Liquid soap, Soap that can be grated , Water, Washing up liquid.

I would love to hear about the potions your little ones make.


nicola kirk