Make + Wonder

invitation to play - creative ideas for children

What's inside a creative kit?

Our Creative kits include an "Invitation to Play". This is created by offering children a selection of interesting open-ended resources, that encourages children to create, explore and lead their own play. Our Creative kits have no fixed outcome which supports children's to be confident, as there are no mistakes to make, no ideas to try to copy. Each creative kit encourages children to plan, experiment and reflect on their learning, while having fun exploring.


Make and Wonder Creative kits offer children a creative invitation to play with the resources inside.

  • Each box contains a range of thoughtful materials that invite them to explore and create
  • Tips for adults to gently support

The outcome of each box is completely open-ended.  Children are intrigued by these invitations and engage in a world of possibilities. 

Play and exploration of our boxes support children's:

  • growth mindset
  • creativity and ability to think critically
  • problem solving skills
  • imagination
  • fine motor skills
  • understanding of colour and texture
  • interest in  artists
  • speaking and ability to connect ideas: talking about what is happening and what might happen next.