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At Make and Wonder, we know that open-ended play enhances children’s imagination and supports creativity and problem solving. That’s why we design open-ended creative kits inspired by artists, provoking curiosity and encouraging children to play and explore. Our kits never have a predetermined outcome so all children can confidently explore the box in their own unique way. Nicola, a mum of two and a Primary School Teacher runs Make and Wonder. 

On-the-go Art Bag

On-the-go Art Bag


On-the-go Art Bag is a clever little bag filled with creative play ideas for children. The On-the-go Art Bag will keep children exploring, disrupting and creating for hours. The bag is perfect when you are travelling, visiting friends or having lunch in a cafe. The bag is small enough for your child to pop in their own bag or to fit in your handbag.

The bag contains resources and idea cards to use with the resources inside and ideas for more resources to add to your bag to use on-the-go.

Inside the Bag:

  • 6 quality Pencils (colours may vary)

  • Little tub of Play dough

  • Glue

  • Die

  • Make + Wonder sketch pad

  • Stickers

  • Aqua brush

8 Idea cards for lots more on-the go art fun.

Bag is natural light oatmeal coloured 8oz (231gsm) hemp/cotton case (55% hemp / 45% cotton)  measuring 25cmx 16cm - Washing is not recommend, with with a damp cloth and a mild detergent

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