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At Make and Wonder, we know that open-ended play enhances children’s imagination and supports creativity and problem solving. That’s why we design open-ended creative kits inspired by artists, provoking curiosity and encouraging children to play and explore. Our kits never have a predetermined outcome so all children can confidently explore the box in their own unique way. Nicola, a mum of two and a Primary School Teacher runs Make and Wonder. 

Exploring Love Hearts Bag

Exploring Love Hearts Bag


A little bag of hearts to explore for children aged 3-10 years.

A limited edition bag of exploring hearts.

This Art Bag contains

One Idea card and high quality craft materials for one child:

What’s inside the bag?

  • A little bag of hearts

  • One blank card

  • One roll of Washi tape

  • One idea card

  • One paint stick ( colours will vary)

Our creative kits spark children's imagination and creativity. There are lots of ideas but no rules. Our art club box will empower your children to create and be unique.

The activity is open-ended and focused on the process and not a finished product (although they can sometimes be nice too).

The card includes tips for parents and lots of inspiration. There are and no rules. Make and wonder will inspire your children to create and be unique.


The box is an a jiffy bag. Activity cards is A6 and printed on heavy matt card.


Make and wonder is made for 3 - 10 year old children. but older children and grown up may enjoy creating too.

Unfortunately due to small parts it is not suitable for children under 3 years of age

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