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We sell Art boxes, Prints and Art-on-the go bags in our shop. Past boxes have featured Yayoi Kusama, Bridget Riley, Anni Albers and Frida Kahlo.

Art Club Box 12: Simryn Gill

Art Club Box 12: Simryn Gill

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This box features Simryn Gill. Simryn is an inspirational artist who collects ideas and things to explain thoughts. Simryn uses local nature in her work. Her work makes you think about how we are connected to nature.

Each Art Club Box is based on educational theories that promotes children’s confidence and curiosity. Beautifully designed with clear ideas and quality materials. Children benefit from exploring process art ideas that are not only fun but educational.

Box 12 teaches about the life and work of Simryn Gill with an illustrated story, 4 process art ideas and curated art materials.

What’s inside the art box?

  • A5 Cards are printed on 350 gsm environmentally and responsibly sourced card that can be kept and reused

  • Four beautifully designed cards with clear ideas for open-ended art that promote curiosity

  • Tips for parents on how to support their child to explore, talking tips and extension ideas

  • All the curated high quality resources you need to inspire your children to explore and create.

  • Ideas on using nature or re-using packaging and household items

  • Your box is delivered in a cardboard box and the contents are wrapped in paper

What materials are inside the Simryn Gill box?

  • 4 x 12 ml Gouache Paints

  • Mask template

  • Paper bead template

  • Patterned paper

  • Tissue paper and collage leaves

  • Glue stick

  • paint brush

  • Paper

  • Shell beads and elastic

  • Four activity cards + the story of Simryn Gill

Why buy an art box?

Boxes are created by qualified primary teachers and beautifully designed by a graphic designer

All the activities are carefully chosen based on educational theories to promote children’s confidence and curiosity. sparking children’s imagination and creativity children learn about artists, maths, literacy, art techniques, science and much more. There are lots of ideas but no rules. Our art club box will empower your children to create and be unique.

Each activity is open-ended and focused on the process and not a finished product (although they can sometimes be nice too). Each card includes tips for parents and lots of inspiration. There are lots of ideas and no rules.


The box is an A4 mailing box. If you order more than one box the boxes the boxes will be sent in a mailing bag.

Age range

Make and wonder art club is made for 3 - 10 year old children. but older children and grown up may enjoy creating too. Unfortunately due to small parts it is not suitable for children under 3 years of age

This box comes in two sizes:

Single box: 4 creative idea cards, illustrated story, enough curated craft material for 1 child

Sibling box : 4 creative idea cards, illustrated story, enough curated craft material for 2 children


Shipping is calculated on weight at checkout:

For example : First class uk shipping for 1 single box is £2, for 1 sibling box its is £3.50

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