Make + Wonder


Not only is it jam packed with awesome activities but the way it is set out is perfect. Brilliant ideas and all the resources you need, but it’s not too prescriptive
— Becky
Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness
— Anni Albers

At Make + Wonder we refuse to create creative kits and workshops where the goal is to make pretty pictures. We are guided by the art being the means not the end. Children are naturally brilliant at creating and exploring. Everything we design supports children to create, disrupt and explore.

We design creative kits filled with inspiring ideas and curated resources to educate and inspire children to create freely and make mistakes- there are no rules! Our workshops create an energy and a dynamic that inspires children to collaborate and explore together.


What’s Inside?

The Art Club box is for children aged 3 to 10 years old, based on educational theories that promote confidence and curiosity. Beautifully designed with clear ideas and quality materials. Children benefit from exploring process art ideas that are not only fun but educational. Each box features an inspiring creative female, four awesome creative idea cards, an illustrated story and curated art materials.

  • A5 Cards are printed on 350 gsm environmentally and responsibly sourced card that can be kept and reused

  • Four beautifully designed cards with clear ideas for open-ended art that promote curiosity

  • Tips for parents on how to support their child to explore

  • All the curated high quality resources you need to inspire your children to explore and create

  • Beautifully illustrated stories about female artists that are fun to read

  • Ideas to recycle the box and reuse household and nature.

  • The packaging is recyclable including the paper tape.