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Art Club Box Four: Bridget Riley is now available

Not only is it jam packed with awesome activities but the way it is set out is perfect. Brilliant ideas and all the resources you need, but it’s not too prescriptive
— Becky
Every child is an artist
— Picasso

At Make + Wonder we refuse to create creative kits and workshops where the goal is to make pretty pictures. We are guided by the art being the means not the end. Children are naturally brilliant at creating and exploring. Everything we design supports children to create, disrupt and explore.

Our creative kits are filled with ideas and curated resources to inspire children to create freely and make mistakes- there are no rules! Our workshops create an energy and a dynamic that inspires children to collaborate and explore together. Playing fun art games encourages children to channel their energy into exploring and being relaxed to make mistakes and try out ideas.


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Make + Wonder Art Club is a monthly art box for children aged 3-10 years old. Each box features an inspiring creative female, four fun creative ideas and high quality art material. Make + Wonder Art Club inspires children to love art, be curious, take risks and have fun. We make two different sized boxes: a single box for one child or a sibling box which contains enough art material for two children to share.