Make + Wonder



Creative kits to invent, design, imagine, make and explore


At Make + Wonder we refuse to create creative kits and workshops where the goal is to make pretty pictures. We are guided by the art being the means not the end. Everything we design supports children to invent, imagine, design, make and explore.


Every month we create a new Art Club Box for children aged 3 to 10 years old. Children benefit from exploring fun process art ideas, quality materials and learning about the story of a creative female’s life and work. Make + Wonder creative kits are an inspiration for making and tinkering. We hope they inspire your children to be curious and confident.


Buy a one-off box from our shop or sign up for a monthly, 3 or 6 month subscription. A Make + Wonder subscription makes the perfect Christmas gift. Subscribe before 30/11/19 and start your subscription in December.



Six good reasons why the Art club box is great for your child


1. Curiosity

Being curious fuels your imagination and is central to learning new things. If you are curious you are motivated to learn. Process art activities encourage children to explore and tinker which promotes curiosity. Our activities are designed to appeal to children with different learning styles and schemas, so everyone will want to explore. We carefully select unusual and unique curated art materials to spark your children’s imagination and encourage a frenzy of exploration.

2. Growth Mindset

Children with a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset are more likely to persevere and try new things. The activities will encourage your children to celebrate mistakes and persevere. The stories of inspirational role models share the story of their journey and efforts, the mistakes made and learning that led to them where they are now. This helps children to understand that intelligence isn’t fixed.

3. Mindfulness

Process art activities help children to relax and be in the moment ( mindful) When children are deeply engaged in activities it supports to focus on the playing and exploring, so their breathing naturally relaxes.

4. Confidence

When children are given open-ended resources in an invitation to play, it supports their confidence. They become more involved in the exploring process as they set their own goals, solve problems and celebrate mistakes. The prompts in our activity cards support you to gently guide your children and scaffold their learning. The prompts support you to encourage your children to talk about the process and not the result which supports children’s confidence, while teaching the importance of effort and trying.

5. Literacy

Our activity cards, come with questions to encourage your children to talk through their ideas. Thoughtful questions to encourage children to talk about the process, share their thinking and how they solve problems. Helping to extend younger children’s vocabulary and articulate their thoughts.

6. Learning through play

The art ideas in the box and curated resources inspire children to explore and tinker with carefully selected resources that naturally teach children about all areas of the curriculum. Open-ended play promotes problem-solving skills. Children learn mathematical language and solve number problems. They will learn about the natural world, properties of materials and changes that happen. Explore art techniques, exploring colour and mixing media. Learn the stories of female role models and much more.



We do Birthday Parties. We come to you, set up the art activities and provide your children with an hour of art and making fun. I have lots of fab ideas for all ages, starting at age four. Click here to read more about how it works and for a list of all the different art projects to choose from . We can also create a completely unique art party for your child.